Indigenous Hemp People

Indigenous Hemp People : The IHP

The IHP are a Genetic Race of HU-mans who existed on Plant Amino Acids produced in Fructus Cannabis. Fructus Cannabis or Cannabis Fruit, and the Sprouts, Greens, Microgreens and in the Oil of the plant are contained essential Amino Acids and essential fatty acids along with a host of vitamins & minerals.

Originally inhabitaning Sarmatia, Sarmatia Europa and Samartia Asia an Empire spanning Europe and Asia ruled the World as Indigenous Hemp People (theIHP).

Plant Genetics or “Planta Genet” in French.

As Plantagenet, this Genetic Bloodline was scattered about the Earth when Germany, Rome & Khazaria united to form the “modern” day Khaganate we hear referred to as “New World” order and now, new “World Order”.

Rather than “order”, instead the Khaganate thrives on dis-order, or chao. It is from order ab chao they derive their Author Ship while the people are picking up the pieces.